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  1. Board of Directors

    The Marietta Board of Lights and Water mission is to provide high quality, reliable, and competitive utility services to our customers and a fair return to the citizens of Marietta.

  2. Contact Information

    Find contact information for Marietta Power and Water.

  3. Energy Saving Tips

    Read through our top 10 energy saving tips.

  4. Paying Your Bill

    Access resources that will assist you in paying your Marietta Power and Water bill.

  5. Programs & Products

    Review resources on rebates and incentives as well as other programs and products.

  6. Reporting a Problem

    Marietta Power makes every effort to maintain reliable, continuous service.

  7. Starting / Stopping Service

    Apply for or stop existing electric and/or water service in one of three ways.

  8. Tree Trimming

    Trees are one of the major causes of power outages, and we must trim or remove trees on a regular cycle that are located near power lines.