After the Fire

When fire occurs, lives are suddenly turned around. Often people do not think about what they would do if their home caught on fire. A victim of a fire is completely unprepared and confused. Many do not know what to do first and whom to contact.
  1. Cautions

    Find out what cautions to take after a fire including when to use utilities and what to watch for.

  2. First 24 Hours

    The Marietta Fire Department generally contacts the Red Cross for the citizens they assist. Most often fire personnel on the scene are very busy with suppression activities, but when things calm down a bit, the officer in charge will be available to speak with you.

  3. Fire Department FAQs

    Find answers to frequently asked questions such as why holes are cut into walls, how to obtain a copy of the fire report, and what to do if you live outside of city limits.

  4. Leaving Your Home

    Learn what steps to take when leaving your home after a fire including who to let know, saving receipts, and locating important items.

  5. Money Replacement

    Learn about money replacement for burned money, mutilated or melted coins, U.S. savings bonds, and tax information.

  6. Notifications

    Find out who to notify after experiencing a fire including your insurance agent, employer, child's school, post office, and more.

  7. Salvage Hints

    A professional fire and water damage restoration business may be your best choice for cleaning and restoring your personal belongings.