Safety Information

  1. Kids' Corner

    Find helpful links to explore some great safety web sites for kids of all ages!

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  2. Fire Escape Planning

    You and your family have a better chance of surviving a fire in your home if you are alerted to the fire in time and know what to do.

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  3. Smoke Detectors

    Find helpful tips for smoke detectors including when to test them, change the battery, and where to install them.

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  4. Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Because you cannot see, taste or smell its toxic fumes, CO can kill you before you are aware it is in your home. Find answers to frequently asked question about carbon monoxide.

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  5. Emergency Preparedness

    Georgians are no strangers to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, wildfires, and floods. Similarly, we have seen a nationwide increase in reports of terror attacks, large transportation accidents, and disease threats. Find out how to prepare for emergencies such as these.

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  6. Deaf & Hard of Hearing

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency contributed to the funding of the Marietta Fire Department's Inspection Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing through its Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.

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  7. Generator Safety

    Portable generators are useful when temporary or remote electric power is needed, but they can be hazardous. The primary hazards to avoid when using them are carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock or electrocution, and fire.

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  8. Home Fire Extinguishers

    Using a home fire extinguisher takes knowledge and practice. Before you buy, be certain you know your needs as there are several types of extinguishers, and you should buy a type best for you.

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  9. Public Service Announcements

    View public service announcement videos for tree fires, cooking, sprinkler.

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  10. Teen Driving

    According to the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the first year of independent driving is the most dangerous period for beginning drivers based on a mileage exposure.

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Fire Department & Safety

The Marietta Fire Department provides several comprehensive educational programs to our schools, churches, businesses, and citizens. These programs educate our community on not only avoiding dangerous conditions that may lead to an emergency, but how to respond when an emergency occurs.

A library of information is available at the Marietta Fire Department Museum. We also give station tours and deliver multiple fire and 

safety education programs.

Additional Information

For additional information or assistance, call 770-794-5466.