General Obligation Bond

Urban Redevelopment Plan Land Area Purpose

The general obligation bond is the funding mechanism for completing redevelopment projects within the City.  It consists of two initiatives:
  • Streetscape Work on Whitlock Street
  • The Revitalization of Franklin Road
2013 URP Proposal Whole City
  1. Revitalization of Franklin Gateway

    Financing of a $64,000,000* bond for Urban Redevelopment Projects including: Acquisition and demolition of improved property for further redevelopment and right-of-way acquisition, and Road infrastructure improvements to improve east-west transportation connectivity within the Franklin-Gateway redevelopment area.

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  2. Streetscape Plans for Whitlock Avenue

    Financing of a $4,000,000* bond for Urban Redevelopment Projects consisting of conceptual plans for streetscape improvements in the Whitlock Avenue Corridor of the City Center redevelopment area including: Designs showing sidewalk improvements from Oakmont Drive to Kirkpatrick Drive. Landscaping, sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and intersection improvements from Kirkpatrick Drive to Polk Street Extension.

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