Rates & Fees

  1. Water & Wastewater Consumption Fees

    View tables that contain water and wastewater consumption rates.

  2. Water Meter & Wastewater Tap Fees

    View tables outlining water meter and wastewater connection fees.

  3. Deposits

    Although most of our service area includes electric and water service, some locations are only served electric and some are only served water.

  4. Construction Meters

    Construction meters are available in the form of a fire hydrant meter. Fire hydrant meters set at a stationary location by Marietta Water and require a deposit of $950 per fire hydrant meter plus a $65 administration fee.

  5. Unmetered Fire Lines

    See monthly charge amounts for unmetered fire lines.

For new accounts or service transfers, you will be required to pay a $25 service charge that will be included on your first utility bill. Based on the type of service requested, a security deposit may be required.