Development Services

The services provided by the Development Services department are designed to support balanced and innovative development within the city and provide for future growth. The main goal of the department is to protect and strengthen the community and neighborhoods while also encouraging innovative business and real estate development that will enlarge the tax base, create and retain jobs, and provide for high-quality developments that will enhance the quality of life for generations to come. 
  1. Code Enforcement

    Learn more about code enforcement, compliance, and jurisdictional versus non-jurisdictional areas of Marietta.

  2. Community Development

    The City of Marietta receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD) annually. The Housing and Community Development Division administers the funds in joint cooperation with the Cobb County CDBG Program Office.

  3. Economic Development

    The City of Marietta’s Economic Development Division fosters local economic growth by attracting and retaining businesses, encouraging redevelopment, and embracing innovation. Our staff of Economic Development professionals are dedicated to supporting the creation, sustainability and growth of both small and large businesses and entrepreneurs.

  4. Planning & Zoning

    The Division of Planning and Zoning provides expertise in the areas of planning, zoning, land use decision making and strategic decision making to elected officials, appointed boards, city management and citizens to ensure the future quality of life in the city of Marietta.