Notice to Builders

City of Marietta building inspectors are qualified inspectors as defined by state law.

Official Notice

Effective July 1, 2008, residential and general contractors must be licensed.

Mandatory inspections, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Footings and/or foundations must be passed before pouring concrete (shall have two runs of Number 4 re-bar minimum residential footings).
  2. Sewer must be passed before sewer line is covered.
  3. Under slab rough (Applicable only when electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning items are placed under or inside poured concrete.) must be passed before pouring concrete.
  4. Electrical rough must be passed before any floor insulation or sheet rock can be installed over wiring or other electrical devices.
  5. Plumbing rough must be passed before any floor insulation or sheet rock can be installed over plumbing items. Must pass air or water test.
  6. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning rough must be passed before ducts can be covered with insulation and/or sheet rock (no paper around any vent pipe).
  7. Gas line shall pass pressure test before lines can be covered.
  8. Prefab fireplace rough must be passed before closing front openings around fireplace. Opening must have drywall and insulation. All fireplaces shall have four inch outside air.
  9. Framing must have all trade inspections passed and all form material removed from around structure before calling for framing inspection. (Framing inspection must pass before any wall covering or insulation.) Framing shall have all penetration fire caulked.
  10. Electrical final must be passed before electricity can be turned on. Also requires a STC permit.
  11. Plumbing and heating finals shall be passed before any gas can be turned on. Gas inspection must also be passed.
  12. Plumbing final must be passed before final building inspection. Water must be turned on.
  13. Building final must be passed before issuing a certificate of occupancy, then building can be occupied.
  14. Permit card must be posted and accessible at all times.
  15. Decks shall require footing, framing, and attachment inspection.
  16. All residential and commercial sites shall have 100 percent permanent vegetation or no CO will be issued.
  17. Garage separation: The garage shall be separated from the residence and its attic area by a minimum half-inch gypsum board applied to garage side. A basement garage area shall also be separated with half-inch gypsum board applied to garage and floor ceiling area. A 20-minute door is required between garage and residence.
  18. Toilet facilities shall be provided for construction workers.
Be advised, this inspection schedule will be enforced. Any work done in advance of the above schedule that prevents these inspections from being conducted may be ordered removed. No letters, indemnity agreements or other substitutes can be accepted.

Please observe these requirements. It is your responsibility. If you allow someone to move into the building before a final building inspection is performed, they could be ordered to vacate.