Certificate of Occupancy

No space may be occupied until a certificate of occupancy (CO) is issued.

When all appropriate final inspections are completed, outstanding re-inspection fees paid and required vegetative and erosion measures are addressed, a CO will be issued.

Power must be on for electrical final, and water must be on for plumbing final inspection. Call 24 hours in advance for CO pickup.

The CO can be obtained and signed for at the:
Public Works Department
City Hall - Second floor
205 Lawrence Street
Marietta, GA 30060

New One & Two-Family Dwellings

All new one and two-family dwellings built closer than 20 feet from another structure or closer than 10 feet to the property line must have sprinklers with an approved system according to the June 1, 1997 code. New one and two-family dwellings require approved plans before a permit will be issued.

Lot survey (One & Two-Family)

Residential building permit applications submitted for approval must include a lot survey with a proposed building footprint and square footage. This survey must include all setback lines, easements, floodplain limits and other necessary information available.

Flood Plain

All residential buildings in flood plain shall have a surveyors letter showing the lowest floor level is three feet above flood plain before framing begins.

All non-residential buildings in flood plain shall have a surveyors letter showing the lowest floor level is one foot above flood plain before framing begins.

Builders & Contractors

No on-site burning of trash or other materials is allowed in the city of Marietta. The ordinance is enforced by the Marietta Fire Department. Call 770-794-5466 with any questions you have regarding burning on site.

Water Services

The City of Marietta will install back-flow devices for all new commercial and new residential meter installations. Water services require thermal expansion for any new commercial, new residential and retrofits of existing systems. Also, new construction as well as any renovations.

Erosion Control

All required erosion control measures shall be in place at all times and a 24 hour contact to repair erosion problems will be on call. No CO will be issued unless site is 100 percent stabilized.

Grading Permits

A grading permit will be required on all residential and commercial projects that include any land disturbing activities.

Underground Utilities

All new utility services must be placed underground per City of Marietta Ordinance Number 6422.