Early Planning Stages

The following City of Marietta officials should be contacted in the early planning stages to determine applicable development/construction standards and code requirements.

  1. Building Inspection Department
    Residential and commercial building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and grading plan reviews, permits, and inspections.
  2. Fire Department
    Fire safety, life safety, sprinkler plans, and handicapped access plan reviews and inspections.
  3. Planning and Zoning Department
    Development standards (building setbacks, minimum lot sizes, use restrictions, landscaping requirements and parking requirements)
    • Sign permits
    • Rezoning and variance requests
  4. Water and Sewer Department
    All water and sewer service fees and system development (SDF) fees must be paid at the same time for application processing and scheduling. If you have any questions regarding this procedure for water and sewer services.
    • Water and sewer applications
    • Cost estimates
    • System development fee calculations
  5. Business Licenses Department
    • Occupational licenses
  6. Cobb County Health Department
    • Septic tank permits
    • Commercial swimming pool permits
    • Personal care home permits
    • Hotel/motels permits
    • Food service permits
  7. Erosion and Sediment Control
    Once a site plan is approved, all erosion sediment control measures, according to approved erosion plan, must be in place and inspected by the utility inspector. If erosion sediment control is approved, a grading/land disturbing permit will be issued to grading contractors when the site plans are stamped approved