Building Inspections

The Building Inspection Division provides building plan review. The Division issues building, electrical, grading, mechanical, and plumbing permits; performs building, electrical, grading, mechanical, and plumbing inspections; and issues certificates of occupancy.


Reference Guide - Developing/Construction/Code Enforcement

Development, construction activities and code enforcement requirements are regulated by the listed City government officials. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact and confirm code compliance with all applicable officials before starting construction or development activities.


Compliance with one code/regulation is not considered compliance with all other code/regulations. Failure to confirm code compliance, obtain proper permits before starting development plans may lead to expensive and unnecessary delays to the applicant.


Individuals considering locating a new business or existing business in an existing building should obtain and confirm zoning requirements, minimum parking standards, fire safety and building code regulations, health department requirements, and business license regulations. A building permit must be obtained when the occupancy type of a building is altered.