Traffic / Local Ordinance Citations

Received a citation from the Marietta Police Department or Georgia State Patrol within the city limits of Marietta?
  1. Discuss Case with Judge / Prosecutor

    The judge and prosecutor are available to discuss your case with certain conditions.

  2. Driver History & Points

    The Department of Driver Services determines points when convicted of offenses.

  3. Failure to Appear in Court

    A warrant for your arrest may be issued for failure to appear in court.

  4. Fine Amount & Court Date

    Learn how to determine your fine amount and court date.

  5. Payment Information

    You may pay online, by phone, in person, or by mail.

  6. Posting Bonds

    Contact Marietta Police Department for bond information and online services for posting bond.

  7. Rescheduling Court Dates

    Rescheduling of court dates can occur under certain conditions.

  8. What to Expect in Court

    Find a list of things to expect on your court date.