Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department provides expertise in the areas of planning, zoning, land use decision making and strategic decision making to elected officials, appointed boards, city management and citizens to ensure the future quality of life in the city of Marietta.
  1. Annexations

    Gather more information about the process and requirements for annexing land into the city limits of Marietta.

  2. Applications & Permits

    Access applications and learn more about the permitting and application processes for the Planning & Zoning Department.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    Find out more about the city boards and commissions related to the Planning and Zoning Department of Marietta.

  4. Historic Preservation

    The city of Marietta contains five National Register Historic Districts, four locally designated landmarks, two locally designated residential historic districts, as well as the Downtown Marietta Historic District.

  5. Planning Studies & Projects

    Have a look at the studies and projects undertaken by and underway with the Planning and Zoning Department of Marietta.

  6. Zoning Information & Ordinances

    Review the zoning ordinances and gather important information about zoning in the city of Marietta.