Apply For

  1. Alarm Registration

    In an effort to maximize the resources of the Police Department by reducing excessive false alarms, the City of Marietta has enacted an ordinance to establish reasonable expectations of alarm users and ensure alarm users are held responsible for their use of alarm systems.

  2. Building Permit

    Building permits are required for all new construction, temporary buildings and certain alterations to existing construction.

  3. Burn Permit

    Open burning may be permitted in the City of Marietta October 1st through April 30th. To obtain a permit, request a permit for every day you intend to burn.

  4. Business License

    Steps and information about how to apply for a business license.

  5. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  6. Film Permits

    The City of Marietta invites and encourages television and film production. City property may be used if the City of Marietta's primary responsibility to provide service and protection to the general public is not impaired.

  7. Homestead Exemption

    Form to complete and submit to request a change of mailing address and/or to request the Homestead Exemption removal.

  8. Power & Water Service

  9. Rezoning

    When a property owner seeks to change the zoning of their land, they must submit an application for rezoning to the Planning and Zoning Division.

  10. Road Closure Permit

    Road Closure request form.

  11. Zoning Variance

    Request a road closure including a partial or one lane closure, full road closure, right-of-way work, and sidewalk closures.