Press Releases

  1. Letter from Chief Flynn regarding the ongoing Opioid Epidemic

    Please click the link below to read a letter from Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn regarding the growth of the Opioid Epidemic. Read on...
  2. Public Safety Ambassador Unit

    Marietta rolls out program to increase citizen participation in public safety by providing a “manpower multiplier” for Marietta police officers. Read on...
  3. Firearms Safety Seminar

    Upcoming Firearms Safety Seminar to be held on 03/22/2017 at Marietta City Council Chambers Learn More
  4. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events

    Upcoming CRASE Seminar to be held on 03/15/2017 @ City of Marietta Council Chambers. Learn More
  5. Eight in Custody for Entering Autos

    With the help of Marietta Citizens eight entering auto perpetrators have been taken into custody since the first of the year. The Marietta Police Department wants to encourage the community to keep calling the police when something suspicious is witnessed Learn More
  6. Veterans' Benefit and Pension Scams

    Veterans’ benefits and their pensions are the latest targets of the scammers preying on the elderly. Learn More
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