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Ward 3, Councilmember Chris Tolbert
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For general inquiries email: 

310-C City Hall
15 Kellogg Blvd., West
Saint Paul, MN  55102

Ph: (651) 266-8630  Fx: (651) 266-8574

We try to respond to all inquiries within one business day. If you have emailed us and haven't heard back in a couple of days, please call our office. We want to hear from you.

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About Ward 3
Ward map - Ward 3 highlighted
Ward 3: Historical and vibrant
Ward 3 covers the southwest corner of the city, extending from the West End to Fort Snelling.  The ward includes the neighborhoods of Highland Park and most of Macalester-Groveland. It is the home to Macalester College and the College of Saint Catherine. Our neighborhood has many local businesses, and restaurants throughout many of our great streets like: Grand Ave, Ford Parkway, West 7th Street, among others.

Stay Connected to the Neighborhood

Councilmember Tolbert's Ward 3 Newsletters:

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District Councils:

Local Business Associations:

Highland Park Library

Volunteer Opportunities in Ward 3

Ford Site Planning

**Tentative** Schedule for Street Construction in Ward 3, Summer of 2015

Cleveland Mill and Overlay

  • Sewer Work- early May
  • Pedestrian ramps, curbs and gutters- end of June
  • Week of September 14th: Soft closure from Summit to Randolph- utility, catch basin, manhole and concrete work.
  • Milling- Monday the 21st
  • Paving- Wednesday the 23rd
  • Striping- Saturday the 26th
  • Reopen late the 26th
    **Property owners will have access to their driveways at all times- if a paver is right there they may have to wait approximately 10 minutes

Lexington Mill and Overlay
The Contractor will be milling Sept. 15th, paving the 18th and striping the 23rd with traffic opening on the 23rd.

Contact: Luke Lortie (County), 651-266-7123,

Bike Lanes Contact: Reuben Collins (City), 651-266-6059,

Randolph Ave Reconstruction (Brimhall to Syndicate)

  • Randolph will start May 11th-May 18th
  • Phase 1 closure: Brimhall St to Pascal St from May thru July 1
  • Phase 2 closure: Pascal to Hamline Ave from July 1 thru August  31
  • Phase 3 closure: only Hamline intersection in September
  • Phase 4 closure: Hamline to Syndicate St in October

Contact: Nick Fischer (County), 651-266-7119,  

Ford Parkway Reconstruction (Howell to Snelling)

  • Construction began in June

9/16/2015 Update: Work is concentrated mostly at the Fairview intersection and between Fairview Avenue and Howell Street.  There is also signal work happening at Snelling Avenue and Ford Parkway.  Over the next 2 weeks, work expected includes: concrete curb and sidewalk between Howell and Fairview, boulevard restoration work between Fairview and Snelling, bituminous paving between Howell and Fairview, and electrical work at Fairview and Snelling intersections.

This project is still scheduled to be completed by November 1st.  The opening of the intersection at Fairview and Ford has become a priority.  The County is hoping to have it opened within the next few weeks(two-way thru traffic only).

Contact: Luke Lortie (County), 651-266-7123,

Saint Clair Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation (Snelling to Victoria)

  • No Sewer Work
  • Separate SPRWS Project – Lead Service Replacement Only – (No Water main Replacement) – July, August
  • Public Works Project - Pedestrian ramps, spot curb repair, pavement removal and replacement, striping  – August-November

SPRWS Contact: Rich Hibbard, 651-266-6268,

Public Works Contact: Jesse Farrell, 651-266-6155,

Davern Sidewalk Construction

  • Construction begins in September

Contact: Al Czaia (City), 651-266-6108,  

Highland Streetscape Completion & Kenneth St. Repair- COMPLETE!

Contact: Al Czaia (City), 651-266-6108,  

A-Line BRT Construction

Construction beings in August. 
More info and sign up for udpates here:

Highway 5 Bridge Re-decking

  • Westbound Hwy 55 ramp to eastbound Hwy 5 is closed through late September. 
  • Eastbound Hwy 5 ramp to Edgcumbe Road, Shepard Road and Mississippi River Boulevard is closed through late September.
  • Eastbound Hwy 5 ramp to Norfolk Avenue is closed through late September.
  • Both directions of the Hwy 5 bridge are single lane with traffic traveling on the westbound lanes of the bridge through late September.
  • All trails and sidewalks on or below the Hwy 5 bridge remain open, though there may be short-term closures. 
  • Eastbound Mississippi River Boulevard/Shepard Road bridge trail/sidewalk remains open.

Contact: Nick Carpenter (MnDOT), 651-234-7710 or

Snelling Bridge Reconstruction- COMPLETE!

Fairview Bohland RSVP Completion- COMPLETE!
Contact: Ryan Lowry (City), 651-266-6147,  

Ward 3 Residential Construction Standards Passed by the City Council

Last August I requested that the City’s Planning and Economic Development Department study the new, large homes being built in Highland Park and Mac-Groveland. While these homes fit the specifications spelled out in the City’s zoning code, many neighbors felt they were out of character with the surrounding homes and blocked crucial air and light access. City Planner Mike Richardson spent several months investigating these new homes and what exactly was causing the “out of character” feeling.

What Mike found was what neighbors had been speculating; the new homes are significantly larger than the current housing stock in the neighborhood. At the end of 2013 the average square footage of a single-family home in Macalester Groveland and Highland Park was 1,590 square feet. Homes built between 2005 and 2013 in the same area had an average square footage of 2,673 feet, an increase of 68%. This increase in square footage impacted things such as lot coverage, sidewall height, overall building height and side-yard setbacks. To reign in these large overbearing homes, Mike recommended eight changes to the Zoning Code, including a lower maximum height, a maximum lot coverage for all residential structures (homes and accessory buildings) and required sidewall articulation.

This February his findings and proposed zoning changes were brought to the Neighborhood Planning Committee of the Planning Commission.  Both the Neighborhood Planning Committee and the full Planning Commission had reservations about recommending changes to the zoning code just for Ward 3. After much deliberation the Planning Commission recommended about half the changes for implementation in planning districts 14 and 15 and half the changes Citywide.

July 22, 2015 the City Council unanimously passed the recommended changes. We expect them to go into effect in early September. Thank you to everyone who provided comments, attended the many meetings and testified before the Planning Commission and the City Council.

You can read more about Mike’s findings and the most updated recommendations here.

Helpful Documents:
-Current Zoning and Construction Ordinances
-Construction Management Agreement
-Resolution directing PED to study new homes

Special Event Road Closures
Visit to open a spreadsheet of upcoming events across Saint Paul and road closures associated with those events.

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