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Trees Saint Paul


The benefit of trees in our society are far-reaching. Whether it's the shade they provide on a hot sunny day or the positive environmental impact that is sometimes taken for granted... Trees make our lives better.

Saint Paul lost more than 1000 trees in the summer of 2007, due to a series of devastating storms. The results of the storm highlighted the need for tree restoration, and pushed the issue of how it was going to be funded to the forefront. To ensure all affected areas of Saint Paul were addressed, a tree planting master plan was created. With the plan in place it was very clear that additional financial resources were needed. 

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation recognized the need for a program that allowed non-city financial resources to be easily directed to the tree re-planting efforts. The program created was Trees Saint Paul. All donations accepted through Trees Saint Paul help restore and maintain the beauty that is Saint Paul's urban tree landscape.

Although Trees Saint Paul was started to address past storm damage, it has a become a long term sustainable program to be used for years to come. 

Trees Saint Paul Mission
Trees Saint Paul is a donation program created by Saint Paul Parks & Recreation to help maintain and improve Saint Paul’s beautiful urban landscape, by planting trees

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